70% Indians are skinny exterior however fats inside, with extra visceral fats within the stomach, present preventive well being checks at NURA

35% of individuals have excessively excessive visceral fats, with nice threat of creating insulin resistance, coronary heart illness, kind 2 diabetes, excessive levels of cholesterol, and stroke

Males have double the danger of creating visceral fats than ladies

BENGALURU / NOVEMBER 26, 2022 – Out of 5,000 wholesome, asymptomatic people who underwent preventive well being screening at NURA in Bengaluru, over 70% had been discovered to have extra visceral fats (greater than 100 cm) of their our bodies. Almost 35% had been at excessive threat, with visceral fats of greater than 160 cm, with excessive chance of creating insulin resistance, coronary heart illness, kind 2 diabetes, excessive levels of cholesterol, stroke and Alzheimer’s illness. Almost 2/third of those had been males and 1/third had been ladies, which confirmed that males have double the danger of creating visceral fats in comparison with Ladies.

Mentioned Dr. Tausif Ahmed Thangalvadi, Medical Director at NURA, a collaboration between Fujifilm Healthcare and Dr Kutty’s Healthcare providing AI-enabled imaging in Bengaluru: “Most fats in our physique is saved beneath the pores and skin and is known as subcutaneous fats. That is what we see and really feel daily, primarily based on which we determine if an individual is skinny or fats. Nevertheless, this isn’t harmful fats. Medical science tells us that harmful fats in our physique is visceral fats. That is the fats that’s wrapped across the organs corresponding to liver, gut and kidneys contained in the stomach and can’t be see from exterior. In some individuals, we could not be capable of even really feel visceral fats, as they could have slim our bodies on the skin. That’s the reason visceral fats is known as hidden weight problems.”

Indians are way more inclined to accumulating visceral fats in comparison with different individuals, in response to the physician. “As per a research carried out in 2001, Indian males are likely to have a ten% greater share of visceral fats in comparison with Caucasians with related physique mass index. One other research in 2012 confirmed that whereas Indian kids are slimmer, they’ve a better share of physique fats in comparison with kids from different ethnic teams. That signifies that our predisposition to visceral fats accumulation begins from childhood itself,” the physician stated.

Usually, solely about 10% of the entire fats within the physique needs to be visceral Fats, no more. “Whereas our genes decide our physique form and the way our physique shops visceral fats, our life-style has a serious impression on it. Lack of train, stress and poor dietary selections are the largest culprits. A number of the meals that may result in visceral fats accumulation embrace these containing trans-fats like deep fried and processed meals, carbonated drinks, sweet, processed baked meals and meals that use high-fructose sweeteners. People who find themselves bodily inactive and beneath excessive stress are most inclined to accumulation of visceral fats. The truth is, stress releases a hormone known as Cortisol which triggers the storage of extra visceral fats in our our bodies,” Dr. Tausif Ahmed Thangalvadi added.

Whereas BMI and waist-hip ratio are nonetheless getting used to foretell or assess visceral fats, these are inaccurate markers as a result of they can not differentiate between excessive muscle mass versus excessive fats, and subcutaneous fats versus visceral fats. The one right technique to precisely measure visceral fats is thru CT scan and MRI. NURA is the primary diagnostic centre in India to supply scan for visceral fats as a part of its customary well being screening package deal.

One of the best ways to do away with visceral fats, in response to the physician, is by common train of not less than half-hour per day, consuming contemporary produce and avoiding processed meals, getting good sleep of 6 to 7 hours each day, decreasing stress, and limiting the alcohol consumption.

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