15 Efficient Substitutes For Cornstarch

Most of us are far more aware of rice as a grain than in its flour type. However individuals seeking to change cornstarch can be sensible to choose up a bag of rice flour on the retailer. Just like the grain, rice flour is available in white and brown varieties, with glutinous rice flour additionally accessible. The qualities of a given rice flour might be much like the grain when cooked. Brown rice flour, for instance, may have a little bit extra chew to it, because of being milled utilizing entire rice grain, whereas white rice flour might be smoother and extra starchy, and glutinous rice flour is far chewier (by way of Masterclass).

All of them, although, can be utilized as thickening brokers, with white rice flour additionally being an excellent option to make batters that decision for cornstarch. Glutinous rice flour is usually a notably good addition to truffles and desserts, giving them a candy-like consistency (if you happen to’ve ever tried mochi, you have tried glutinous rice flour). Probably the greatest issues about rice flour, too, is that, in contrast to different starches, you’ll be able to sprinkle it dry straight into your meals to start out the thickening course of. Simply be sure you add it slowly, a little bit at a time, to keep away from making your meals too thick.

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