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Nervous about your burgeoning stomach amid all of the festive cheer? Pageant season is right here and so are the mouth-watering treats which can be too tempting to withstand in household get-togethers and bonding classes. However being chubby/overweight or having stomach fats could make one really feel responsible about indulging in festive treats. What for those who work in your stomach fats earlier than Diwali arrives and shed weight in a wholesome method. (Additionally learn: Stomach fats: Dangerous habits which can be making you acquire visceral fats)

Stomach fats is often an indication of hormonal imbalance, poor metabolism, genetics and poor life-style selections. Research have proven that stomach fats can pose critical well being dangers and may result in many persistent illnesses. Ladies might accumulate extra stomach fats round their waist as they get older and strategy menopause because of decreased degree of estrogen which additionally influences fats distribution within the physique.

Ayurveda knowledgeable Dr Dixa Bhavsar says that regardless of the explanation behind your stomach fats, it’s potential to lose it with easy suggestions.


1. 12 Suryanamaskars day by day

Suryanamskars are finest for hormonal steadiness, metabolism and absorption of vitamins by the intestine. It additionally helps enhance psychological well being, sleep and retains your agni burning all through (optimum digestion) which helps cut back cussed stomach fats simply.

Varied phases of Suryanamaskar. (Shutterstock)

2. 1000 Kapalbhati pranayam


Improves blood circulation and digestion, facilitates fast detox, finest for burning stomach fats. It additionally helps regularise intervals, improves the circulate and helps handle PMS.

3. Circadian intermittent fasting (IF)

Intermittent fasting (iStock)
Intermittent fasting (iStock)

IF means you quick and eat for sure hours relying on what works in your physique. Circadian fasting means you cease consuming submit sundown. So CIF is consuming for 8 hours ranging from morning and having your final meal both earlier than sundown or inside 1 hour of sundown. Greatest earlier than 8 pm (By no means submit that).

4. Consuming heat water

Warm water(Pixabay)
Heat water(Pixabay)

Heat water helps by bettering your metabolism and burning fats not simply from the stomach however from in all places. It additionally helps with bloating, gasoline, poor urge for food and feeling heavy on a regular basis.

5. Sound Sleep (7-8 hours)

Sound sleep(Unsplash)
Sound sleep(Unsplash)

The higher you sleep, the faster you shed weight. Sound sleep for good 7-8 hours helps with liver detox, hormonal steadiness, weight reduction and bettering psychological well being.

Dr Bhavsar additionally suggests a recipe for burning stomach fats. Have a look:


Take 1 glass of water, add small piece of ginger (or a pinch of dry ginger), 1 tsp fennel seeds, half tsp ajwain, powder of crushed 1 black pepper, 1 cardamom, small cinnamon stick, 10 coriander leaves (or 2 tsp dry coriander seeds), boil for 3 minutes, pressure, add half lemon and sip it on empty abdomen day by day.

– For folks with pitta points, have the tea 45 minutes submit dinner.

– For folks with joint ache, keep away from lemon.

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