Easy methods to clear an oven: 10p product that leaves oven wanting ‘model new’

For the oven racks, some recommended soaking them in soda crystals. 

Earlier than inserting them within the bathtub, although, Katherine Stanley suggested inserting “previous towels beneath the racks so they don’t put scratch marks in bathtub”. 

She added: “My mum soaks the racks in soda [crystals] in a single day and the grime comes straight off. Make a paste of electrical soda and wipe out the oven then wipe out the soda and dirt glowing outcomes and non poisonous.” 

Tina Betts mentioned you didn’t have to make use of the bath to scrub the oven racks, as a substitute: “To wash your oven racks, I’d recommend you go outdoors, put the racks right into a plastic rubbish bag, spray your racks with oven cleaner or no matter cleanser you select. 

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